lower energy consumption and cheaper energy bills

 lower energy consumption and cheaper energy bills

Feel like your paying too much on your energy bills? or want to reduce your carbon footprint in light of the issues we face with global warming?

No matter the reason you are looking to reduce your energy consumption the main questions still remains how can this be done without spending so much money that the payback just doesnt seem any near appealing?

Dont get me wrong if you can afford to pay for Solar PV to be installed tomorrow then i recommend going for it as your energy consumption will certainly decrease, if this is something that is not an option then lets explore the alternative options which can make a difference today and wont break the bank!

1) Air tightness of your property!

Airtightness of your property is a key factor in reducing your energy consumption and keeping your energy bills down! however this aspects seems to be overlooked heavily, have you ever noticed a draft in certain areas in your house? maybe a certain area that no matter how much you crank the heating up it doesnt get warm? im guessing 90% of people will answer those questions with a big yes!

 A huge percentage of people currently live in properties which have not been built within the last 10-20 years and therefore are more prone to their house being less air tight!

 lets look at the areas that air leakage is most prominent and how to fix them!

Windows and doors

Windows and doors will always be a weak point when it comes to heat loss, however ensuring that the window frames and door frames are tightly sealed will ensure that when the openings are closed air is not escaping around the openings! this can be solved with some simple explanding foam or sealant around all of your windows and doors if you notice any gaps or can feel a draft!

Holes in the exterior of your property for waste pipes etc.

This may seem obvious that you need to make sure you dont have big holes in your walls! im sure if i asked you if you have any holes in your external walls your immediate answer would be no! The reason for this is 9 times out of ten these holes are hidden, the waste pipe for your kitchen sink? can you see this or is it behind your cabinet. checking all areas where pipes come out of your external walls can make a big difference to the air tightness of your property, again these can be sealed with simple expanding foam or sealant! take a look at your property from the outside and see what you can see!

Loft Hatches and Light fittings

The roof of your property more than likely leaks air from your property, and everybody knows heat rises so ensuring that the seal between the habitable areas of your home and the loft space can keep that heat in! double check your light fittings and loft hatch and make sure that they are a tight fit and no gapos are present around them which air could leak through!

Plenty more areas within your house can leak air, find out more with these documents below.


2) Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Insulating your home can sound like an expansive exercise right? if your going to do it yourself then yes you will be right however plently of options are available for you to do so!

The UK goverment release grants for certain programmes and dedicate budgets and heavily subsidise these projects, and cabity wall insulation is one of them!

find out more today : https://www.gov.uk/green-deal-energy-saving-measures/overview

The only draw back to these schemes is that only certain people are eligable. so here are a few more options to get insulation for your home cheaply or maybe even free!

Check out facebook pages in your area giving away free or cheap items, youll be suprised what sort of things people have in access and want to get rid of!

Know a local builder? ask them if they have any left over insulation from a job they have completed!

If you can get hold of any insulation adding this into your loft space will keep all of your heat in acting like a big hat for you home!

3) Water Consumption

The consumption of water is somehting that is overlooked when reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your bills.

Reducing the amount of water usage within your household can not only save money but also makes an amazing contribution to saving the planet!

Here are a few tips to help reduce water usage in your home

  1. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth – saving up to 6 litres of water per minute.
  2. Place a cistern displacement device in your toilet cistern to reduce the volume of water used in each flush. You can get one of these from your water provider!

  3. Take a shorter shower. Shower can use anything between 6 and 45 litres per minute.

  4. Always use full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher – this cuts out unnecessary washes in between.

  5. Install a water butt to your drainpipe and use the water collected to water your plants, clean your car and wash your windows.

  6. Fill a jug with tap water and place this in your fridge. This will mean you do not have to leave the cold tap running for the water to run cold before you fill your glass.

  7. Install a water meter. When you’re paying your utility provider for exactly how much water you use, laid out in an itemised bill, there’s an incentive to waste less of the stuff.

4) Heating Controls

The main discussion around energy effiency and reducing energy consumption over the years has been based around having a uber effiecient boiler, however the main factor behind reducing your energy consumption and reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint is your boiler controls!

In recent years a handful of controls have been released giving you more control over your heating usage than ever before! products such as HIVE allow you to control exactly what and when you would like to do, obtaining thos control over your heating system can reduce your energy consumption hugely!

The best option is to check the heating controls you currently have and explore cost effective options such as hive, changing the way you control your heating could be the best way for you to reduce you energy bills and carbon footprint so check it out today!


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